Gold Coast Bali

Liquid Communications created Gold Coast Bali (GCB). A regional destination branding and marketing initiative for Bali’s South-East coastline, spanning 30 kilometres from Ketewel to KlungKung. GCB showcases hotels, resorts, villas and businesses related to hospitality, and highlights the region’s many attributes as a holiday destination. GCB focuses on destination brand marketing, as well as creating partnerships between businesses, organisations, government departments and industry leaders throughout Bali.


The South-East coastline of Bali, between Ketewel and KlungKung is relatively unknown to travellers. With the emergence of multiple resorts and villas in the region, there is a need for destination branding to promote and highlight the region’s rich features; luxury resorts and villas, temperate climate, lush geography, rich culture, numerous markets, handicrafts, volcanic beaches, important cultural sites and multiple visitor activities.


Gold Coast Bali Organisation GCB will become the online and offline story teller for the coastal region between Ketewel and KlungKung. The GCB will focus on the Bali tourism segments of this industry, providing unique, engaging information, map, newsletter, and stunning visual and textual content. GCB will create and market Gold Coast regional resorts and tourist destinations as a the new “it” destination in Bali. By creating an engaging website and social media presence for our members, we will establish the region as a brand and provide useful, relevant, engaging information for this“new” holiday destination for Bali travellers. GCB will use its marketing resources to define a new niche in the Bali tourism market.


  • Web design and management
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social marketing
  • Direct marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Photography/videography
  • Client: Gold Coast Bali
  • Date: August 2016
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